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Get the proactive tax, accounting & bookkeeping your business deserves.

Obtain Tax Guidance & Flawless Books

Tax Accountant Near Cinco Ranch Texas

IF you're a small business in Cinco Ranch, Texas, and you're looking for a pro-active tax accountant that can help your business thrive, we'd love to connect and see if we're a good fit.

Never Overpay in Tax Again

We'll ensure you take advantage of every strategy and loophole, and provide planning all year.

Better Productivity & Pristine Financials

Your team won't ever waste time in books and we'll ensure they are done right.

Avoid IRS Problems

We'll do things to a CPA standard, avoiding mistakes & lowering risk.

Get Pristine Books & Lowered Taxes

Cinco Ranch, Texas CPA for Small Business

We help businesses around the country, but we're really passionate about helping businesses in our local region.  If you're searching for a CPA near Cinco Ranch, Texas, we're certain that we'll be able to deliver results & service you'll love.

We'll Help You Run More Lean & Profitable

Your team can focus on what it does best

We're more than the typical CPA Near Cinco Ranch, Texas, we'll actually help your business save time, run more efficiently, and help you keep more of what you make.

What's Included in Our
Outsourced Accounting Service

We know what it takes to help a business lower taxes while building a more profitable and scalable operation.  Here's what's all included in our outsourced accounting model.

We'll clean up your bookkeeping & ensure you have a perfect chart of accounts.

We'll create a tax reduction plan, utilizing every tax loophole and mitigation strategy that's appropriate for your business.

We'll do everything possible to implement the tax plan, so your team doesn't get stuck in the quagmire.

We'll ensure your books are promptly reconciled every month, and ensure they're done to a CPA's standard.

We'll provide CFO level guidance throughout the year to build a more profitable & scalable business.

We'll ensure your tax payments are done throughout the year, so you don't fall behind or have any surprises.

We'll do your business and personal taxes, which are a breeze at year end since we've been doing the bookkeeping and tax planning throughout the year.

CPA Tax Accountant Near Cinco Ranch Texas - Makh Accounting

Tax Accountant Cinco Ranch TX

The Leading Small Business Tax Accountant Near Cinco Ranch Texas

We focus on serving small businesses and their owners.

Most small businesses end up overpaying in tax, having less than stellar financials, and waste time throughout the year all because their tax and accounting firm is unfocused, scattered and not providing the kind of leadership that they deserve.

We engage with a small group of small businesses throughout the year to help them in a much deeper way than your typical tax accountant near Cinco Ranch, Texas and we will serve as your outsourced accountants, helping you focus on sales, marketing and production rather than adding more staff to non-essential rules such as bookkeeping.

We know what it's like to run a small business and we understand how difficult it can be to build a team and scale their operation. That's why we built Makh Tax & Accounting so that business owners can focus on what they do best and keep more of their hard-earned profits.

High Caliber tax and accounting for small business

We want to empower small businesses in Cinco Ranch, Texas to be able to grow and scale just like large corporations.

We've found that one of the major roadblocks as a small business is they don't have a finance department to provide leadership and vision.

We can serve as your outsourced accountants and Chief Financial officers throughout the year.

We provide tax return preparation, bookkeeping services, proactive tax reduction planning, payroll services and CFO services

If you're looking for a tax accountant near Cinco Ranch, Texas, we'd be honored to connect and find out if we are a good match.

When you book a consultation with us, we'll start by analyzing your bookkeeping and previous year tax returns in order to find ways to improve your business, lower taxes and add value.

"Busy" Accountants Lead to Mistakes & Overpaid Tax

We're highly engaged throughout the year to provide tax & accounting leadership.

We're focused, working exclusively with small business so we can deliver results.

At Makhija Accounting, we provide the leadership & service your business deserves.

Tax Preparation Services

We'll prepare and file your taxes, with a focus on identifying ways to lower taxes & grow your business.

Payroll Services

We'll setup & run the perfect payroll for your business.

Certified Public Accountant

We provide full service CPA, tax accounting and bookkeeping services for small business.

Bookkeeping Services

We'll make sure your books are always up to date while providing pro-active tax reduction planning & guidance.


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CPA Near Sugar land, Texas

Get a Friendly, Helpful & Engaged 

It's our joy to serve you and your business, and you'll love the culture we've developed here at Makhija Accounting.

We have simple & easy technology that makes everything a breeze.

We work with fewer clients and provide highly engaged support.

We're one vendor instead of multiple, which makes life simple.

CPA Tax Accountant Near Cinco Ranch Texas - Makh Accounting

Bookkeeping Service Near Cinco Ranch TX

Makh Accounting is a Cinco Ranch Bookkeeping & Tax Service for Small Business

If you're looking for a bookkeeping company near Cinco Ranch, Texas or a small business bookkeeping service to assist you with QuickBooks, reconciling bank statements, and keeping your accounting up-to-date, then we'd be honored to connect with you and see if we're a good fit.

Bookkeeping is the foundation of excellent tax planning and financial operations

We help your business stay focused on the most important activities by handling all your bookkeeping, tax payments and tax accounting throughout the year and we understand that when Cinco Ranch small businesses have pristine and perfect financial statements, they are able to build a more scalable and stable operation.

Part-time bookkeepers near Cinco Ranch Texas

If you're a Cinco Ranch-based small business and you're looking for a part-time bookkeeper or if you want somebody to help you part-time, you should consider giving us a call and hearing more about how we can serve as your part-time bookkeeper.

You'll get bookkeeping done by a tax expert

Your bookkeeper should be a skilled tax strategist.

One of the major advantages of hiring Makh Accounting & Tax  for your bookkeeping service is that not only will we performed prompt and accurate bookkeeping, but we are tax reduction strategists that will identify ways for you to reduce your tax liabilities.

We find tax reduction opportunities as we do your bookkeeping.

Don't settle for an amateur Cinco Ranch bookkeeper, get an integrated bookkeeping and tax accounting service that will help you build financial statements that allow you to scale your business.

Whether you're trying to scale with regular organic growth, or if you are aggressively trying to expand in your sector, we can support your business and empower you to keep your spending focused on production and sales.

Our Houston Community

While we serve small businesses across the United States, we particularly love serving Houston area small businesses.  Here are some of the communities we specialize in.

CPA Tax Accountant Near Cinco Ranch Texas - Makh Accounting

Business Tax Preparation Near Cinco Ranch Texas

Makh CPA, Accounting & Tax provides tax return preparation services for business owners both across the United States, but also locally here in Cinco Ranch, Texas.

Our mission is to help business owners get their taxes done properly and help them improve their financial position by reducing taxes, fix up and clean their operations, and help them become more scalable.

The tax return is what usually causes people to start talking to their accountant, but businesses should not wait until tax season to begin the conversation about proactive tax mitigation strategies.

As a Cinco Ranch-based tax preparer, we will help businesses and their owners clean up their books, get caught up, and then file their tax returns so that they stay out of trouble with the Internal Revenue Service and the state of Texas.

We help businesses with simple and affordable tax return preparation near Cinco Ranch, Texas

While we help businesses here in Cinco Ranch, we also help small businesses across the country with their tax returns.  

We’ve developed an incredibly simple and customer-friendly service model that allows our customers to enjoy top tier tax preparation for their corporations and personal returns, all without wasting time and effort.

We’ll clean up your books and file your taxes to the highest standards.

When you choose Makh Accounting as your tax preparation near Cinco Ranch, we always take the time to deeply examine your bookkeeping, perform a tax reduction analysis, and then provide leadership and guidance to business owners so that they can build a more profitable and scalable business.

We always take the time to get to know our clients, and we try to deliver the most value possible which is what causes our clients to choose us year after year.

If you need tax preparation near Cinco Ranch, Texas, connect with us and we will examine your tax return, try to find ways to reduce your taxes, and try to add as much value as possible to help you achieve your goals.

Corporate Tax Returns Near Cinco Ranch Texas

What companies provide corporate tax return preparation near Cinco Ranch, Texas?  Makh Accounting is a CPA that provides corporate tax return service, along with small business tax returns.