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Get Top Caliber Tax Preparation with Tax Reduction Guidance

We'll prepare and file your taxes, with a focus on identifying ways to lower taxes & grow your business.

Get Focused Business Tax Services

Sugar Land Texas Tax Accountant

We're focused exclusively on business clients, helping them have the best tax preparation experience ever, while working diligently to lower their taxes & scale their business.

Never Overpay in Tax Again

We'll ensure you take advantage of every strategy and loophole, and provide planning all year.

Better Productivity & Pristine Financials

Your team won't ever waste time in books and we'll ensure they are done right.

Avoid IRS Problems

We'll do things to a CPA standard, avoiding mistakes & lowering risk.

Taxes for Small Business, Contractors & Freelancers

Don't Settle for a Mediocre Tax Accountant

Here at Makhija Accounting, we help businesses across the United States get their taxes prepared and filed on time & without mistakes.

Never Miss Deductions or Tax Reduction Strategies

Tax Return Preparation Near Sugar Land TX

We've completed thousands of business returns over the years, and we'll make sure that your business isn't missing out on any opportunities to mitigate your social security taxes, medicare taxes, state income tax or federal income tax.

What's Included in Our
Outsourced Accounting Service

We know what it takes to help a business lower taxes while building a more profitable and scalable operation.  Here's what's all included in our outsourced accounting model.

We'll clean up your bookkeeping & ensure you have a perfect chart of accounts.

We'll create a tax reduction plan, utilizing every tax loophole and mitigation strategy that's appropriate for your business.

We'll do everything possible to implement the tax plan, so your team doesn't get stuck in the quagmire.

We'll ensure your books are promptly reconciled every month, and ensure they're done to a CPA's standard.

We'll provide CFO level guidance throughout the year to build a more profitable & scalable business.

We'll ensure your tax payments are done throughout the year, so you don't fall behind or have any surprises.

We'll do your business and personal taxes, which are a breeze at year end since we've been doing the bookkeeping and tax planning throughout the year.

Get Top Caliber Tax Preparation with Tax Reduction Guidance

Top Tax Accountant Sugar Land TX & US Based Companies

From Houston & Throughout The United States

If you're searching for an excellent business accountant in Sugar Land, Texas, or a CPA near Houston, Texas, then we'd be delighted to connect for a no cost tax analysis to see if we can find ways to reduce your taxes and improve your business operations.  

While we serve small businesses in the greater Houston region, we also help people file their tax returns no matter what part of the United States you are from.

Experienced CPA Near Sugar Land TX

When you choose to work with Makh Accounting, you're also choosing a Sugar Land, Texas-based certified public accountant, committed to pro-active and aggressive tax reduction planning to ensure that your business is never overpaying in tax.

Sugar Land TX | Certified Public Accountants

Makh Accounting is a CPA located near Sugar Land, Texas, and we've established a proven process of tax reduction planning & CFO guidance that our clients have come to love.

We know what makes a business succeed, and we've crafted the best tax accounting services near Sugar Land, Texas, to not only keep you compliant and meet the deadlines required by the IRS, but our approach allows us to help business owners build more scalable and profitable businesses.

Tax Returns for Business Near Sugar Land TX

When you're ready to take control of your business taxes, know that we will ensure things are done properly and we work proactively in reducing your overall tax liabilities.

Makh Accounting is a full service bookkeeping, tax and accounting firm based out of the Houston, Texas area, specifically in Sugar Land, Texas, but also humbly serve Mission Bend, Fresno, Cypress, Mission City, Cinco Ranch, Sienna, Greatwood, and Pecan Grove.

Discover how Makh Accounting, CPA Tax and Bookkeeping will propel your business into a solid future of profitability. Contact us today for a no-cost consultation.

"Busy" Accountants Lead to Mistakes & Overpaid Tax

We're highly engaged throughout the year to provide tax & accounting leadership.

We're focused, working exclusively with small business so we can deliver results.

At Makhija Accounting, we provide the leadership & service your business deserves.

Tax Preparation Services

We'll prepare and file your taxes, with a focus on identifying ways to lower taxes & grow your business.

Payroll Services

We'll setup & run the perfect payroll for your business.

Certified Public Accountant

We provide full service CPA, tax accounting and bookkeeping services for small business.

Bookkeeping Services

We'll make sure your books are always up to date while providing pro-active tax reduction planning & guidance.


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CPA Near Sugar land, Texas

Get a Friendly, Helpful & Engaged 

It's our joy to serve you and your business, and you'll love the culture we've developed here at Makhija Accounting.

We have simple & easy technology that makes everything a breeze.

We work with fewer clients and provide highly engaged support.

We're one vendor instead of multiple, which makes life simple.

Get Top Caliber Tax Preparation with Tax Reduction Guidance

Cost-Effective Tax Preparation Firm Near Fort Bend County, TX

Your Trusted Advisors

Learn how our Trusted CPA Advisors can help you maximize revenue with effective tax planning. Makh Accounting expertly provides complete, accurate, and timely tax preparation, while offering exceptional year-round accounting support from our dedicated certified public accountants.

Makh Accounting offers professional advice, strategies, and acumen, such as finding tax reductions, purchasing assets that may help business growth, advice on where to invest more money, and how to collect money faster.

Makh Accounting - The Tax Professionals America Trusts

Our professionals are committed to serving the Houston, Texas, metro area communities and America-based business owners. We are a leader in bookkeeping & accounting services, payroll processing, tax preparation & planning, wealth-building strategies, and more.

Makh Accounting has the expertise in the financial industry to offer accounting solutions that lead to sustainable growth, ensuring our clients survive market volatility.

More Than A Tax Preparation Firm

Benefits of hiring Makh Accounting:

Improve Efficiency. Identify business performance issues earlier.

Accuracy. Accounting perfectionists.

Avoid Fraud. We monitor account activity.

Stop Overpaying Taxes. Find money-saving deductions.

Clear Picture of Finances. Identify capital for new opportunities and keep your business compliant.

Save Time. Give you more time to focus on your core business products/services.

Simplified Year-End Tax Preparation | Makh Accounting & CPA

Completing end-of-year tax preparation, creating excel spreadsheets, making software purchasing decisions, and creating more efficient processes, may be disliked tasks by business owners, but the experts at Makh Accounting thrive on it.

As we work year round as your bookkeeper and accountant, we are already well-versed in your organization's finances and are able to prepare, complete, and file your tax returns easily and on time, error-free.

Don't want to listen to us? Listen to Jim Secord, CEO of Kashoo, who believes in the advantages of using a CPA and states on INC. how "Your CPA is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to running your business."

As Texas fastest growing CPA firm, we invite you for a free, no-cost consultation and see the advantages your business has when partnering with Makh Accounting.

Our Houston Community

While we serve small businesses across the United States, we particularly love serving Houston area small businesses.  Here are some of the communities we specialize in.

Get Top Caliber Tax Preparation with Tax Reduction Guidance

Corporate Tax Preparation Services for TX | Houston | The Woodlands | Sugar Land

Seize the opportunity and trust Makh Accounting tax planning & preparation so you can serve more customers, maximize revenue with effective tax planning, complete, accurate, and timely tax preparation, and offer continuous accounting support from our passionate certified public accountants.

Our experienced CPA’s provide comprehensive tax-related planning, consultation, and preparation services for all business structures to help organizations become fierce global competitors.

We desire to become your strategic tax planning and preparation partner bringing timely solutions and support to keep your company moving forward and stress level low.

Business Tax Preparation Services Texas & Beyond

We've put together the best tax preparation services near Houston, Texas and we know how hard it is to start and grow a business, so we work diligently to help you build momentum, mitigate taxes, and establish a more scalable operation.

There's plenty of tax returns services in America, but we're different.

Makh Accounting Delivers

Timely, pro-active service in building tax-efficient wealth

A systematic approach in identifying tax reduction strategies

Friendly, done-for-you Bookkeeping & Financial Admin Help

Pristine Bookkeeping by tax experts

CFO level guidance to take your business further

Patient & grateful attitude that appreciates your business

Help identify ways to mitigate risks in your business

We're on a mission to empower Texas businesses to focus on what matters most, and help them run more efficient and productive businesses.

You Deserve to Pay Only Your Legal Fair Share in Tax

Avoid Mistakes & Take Your Business to the Next Level

We don't just file your taxes, we engage to help your business thrive.

While we provide simple, effective, and friendly tax return preparation and tax filing services for Texas businesses, but what we really do is help US-based startups, franchises, small businesses and corporations reduce taxes, save time, eliminate unnecessary staff, and keep your team focused on production, sales and prime business activity.

When you get your taxes done at Makh Accounting, we'll make sure that things are done properly so you don't have IRS issues, but then we'll come to you with ideas to reduce taxes, build tax efficient wealth, and grow your business profitably.

Connect with us today to receive your no-cost consultation.