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We provide full service CPA, tax accounting and bookkeeping services for small business.

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Ranjit Makhija CPA of Houston Texas

If you're searching for a Certified Public Accountant, then you're in the right place. My name is Ranjit Makhija, and I'm the CPA that started our little firm.  If you're looking for a small business accountant that cares, then you're in the right place.

Never Overpay in Tax Again

We'll ensure you take advantage of every strategy and loophole, and provide planning all year.

Better Productivity & Pristine Financials

Your team won't ever waste time in books and we'll ensure they are done right.

Avoid IRS Problems

We'll do things to a CPA standard, avoiding mistakes & lowering risk.

Be Certain You're Not Overpaying Tax

We'll find ways to reduce tax and implement the strategies for you.

We'll analyze your taxes every month while we perform your bookkeeping, and we'll diligently work to identify ways to reduce your overall taxes, whether that's by implementing an S-Corp, hiring your kids, getting involved in real estate or just timing your equipment and purchases better.

CPA Who Will Convert & Set Up Your S-Corp With Ease

Remove the stress of what documents are needed to start an S-Corp

We will assist in preparing and completing all necessary documentation in filing your business as an S-Corp and all other required state and local forms.

What's Included in Our
Outsourced Accounting Service

We know what it takes to help a business lower taxes while building a more profitable and scalable operation.  Here's what's all included in our outsourced accounting model.

We'll clean up your bookkeeping & ensure you have a perfect chart of accounts.

We'll create a tax reduction plan, utilizing every tax loophole and mitigation strategy that's appropriate for your business.

We'll do everything possible to implement the tax plan, so your team doesn't get stuck in the quagmire.

We'll ensure your books are promptly reconciled every month, and ensure they're done to a CPA's standard.

We'll provide CFO level guidance throughout the year to build a more profitable & scalable business.

We'll ensure your tax payments are done throughout the year, so you don't fall behind or have any surprises.

We'll do your business and personal taxes, which are a breeze at year end since we've been doing the bookkeeping and tax planning throughout the year.

Get a Pro-Active, Fully Engaged CPA

America's Leading CPA Near Houston TX

Texas-based CPA Keeps Businesses Outside the IRS Radar

Improper record keeping can lead to financial loss, compliance issues, and difficulties in making informed decisions or acquire funding.

Makh Accounting certified public accountants will clean up your existing records and set your company into a successful future with a perfect chart of accounts -- without the IRS sending you fines, penalties, or interest charges.

Makh Accounting | Skilled Certified Public Accountants Near Bellaire TX

Unsatisfactory DIY bookkeeping may lead to negative consequences for your Bellaire, Texas, business. While it may seem a good way to save money to complete your own ledger, but without the help of a skilled CPA, such as Makhija CPA & Accounting, problems may arise that will threaten the survival of your business.

WITHOUT Makhija CPA & Accounting: Compliance Issues, Financial Loss, Difficulty In Securing Funding, Difficulty In Making Informed Decisions, and Reputation Damage

If you think compliance is expensive . . . try noncompliance.

Compliance. Makh Accounting CPA will keep your company out of the red and in compliance of all tax laws and guidelines with our highly-skilled certified public accountants ensuring a pristine chart of accounts, proper payroll management, and on time payroll tax submission.

Financial Gains. Our affordable, error-free record keeping leads to accurate financial reporting for your Texas business, saving you from overpaying customers, underpaying customers, mismanaging inventory, making incorrect financial decisions

Secure Funding. Banks, Venture Capitalists, and Investors will see your company as a great example for funding your company with Makh Accounting at the helm

Make Informed Decisions. Our highly-trained accounting professionals will provide exceptional work, resulting in you being able to accurately assess the financial health of your business in real-time so that you can make informed decisions on investments, loans, and other financial matters.

Reputation & Integrity. Your Sealy, Texas, business reputation will be a true reflection of Makh Accounting mission in providing the highest of integrity throughout all the work we do. We are here to elevate your organization to the next level.

Explore what Makhija Accounting can do for your startup, franchise, or corporation with a no cost consultation.

"Busy" Accountants Lead to Mistakes & Overpaid Tax

We're highly engaged throughout the year to provide tax & accounting leadership.

We're focused, working exclusively with small business so we can deliver results.

At Makhija Accounting, we provide the leadership & service your business deserves.

Tax Preparation Services

We'll prepare and file your taxes, with a focus on identifying ways to lower taxes & grow your business.

Payroll Services

We'll setup & run the perfect payroll for your business.

Certified Public Accountant

We provide full service CPA, tax accounting and bookkeeping services for small business.

Bookkeeping Services

We'll make sure your books are always up to date while providing pro-active tax reduction planning & guidance.


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CPA Near Sugar land, Texas

Get a Friendly, Helpful & Engaged 

It's our joy to serve you and your business, and you'll love the culture we've developed here at Makhija Accounting.

We have simple & easy technology that makes everything a breeze.

We work with fewer clients and provide highly engaged support.

We're one vendor instead of multiple, which makes life simple.

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Google Doesn't Have All The Tax Answers . . . Makh Does

Find all your tax needs and answers with Texas preferred CPA - Makhija Tax & Accounting

Here are Makh Accounting, we understand the intricacies and nuances involved in payroll, bookkeeping, and accounting for all types of startups, franchises, and mid- to large corporations. Our extensive history of satisfied clients proves our value.

Cash Flow Management CPA For Your Texas-based Startup

We do more than balance your chart of accounts. Makhija Tax & Accounting bookkeeping specialists improves cash flow management by analyzing cash flow patterns, tracking expenses, and making recommendations for reducing costs and increasing revenue helping your Texas-based startup grow and scale.

Budget Forecasting Your Sugar Land, TX Franchise With Confidence

Ensure Your Franchise Is A Success With Makh Accounting Budget Forecasting

No need to worry about inaccurate projections, underestimation of costs, or cash flow problems when you have our insightful and passionate team of accountants and bookkeepers working diligently at curating specialized budgets ensuring your Sugar Land, Texas, franchise is legendary.

Our Houston Community

While we serve small businesses across the United States, we particularly love serving Houston area small businesses.  Here are some of the communities we specialize in.

Get a Pro-Active, Fully Engaged CPA

You Can't Google Search Your Way Out Of An Audit

Prevent Audits, Fines, and Harsh IRS Penalties

Although most small business don't get audited, but when they do, the IRS is relentless. Makh Tax & Accounting will help you throughout the year plan strategically so that you aren't flagged by the IRS for an audit.

Our knowledgeable tax planning experts will provide your Texas franchise, startup, or corporation with tax planning strategies to legally minimize your tax liability to avoid red flags that could trigger an IRS audit.

Makh CPA & Accounting will will help determine the correct classification of employees and contractors and ensure that all income and expenses are properly tracked and recorded on your tax returns, minimizing the risk of an IRS audit.

By partnering with Makhija CPA & Accounting, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your American-based company financial affairs are in good hands and minimizing any risk of an audit.

Makh Accounting is a full service bookkeeping, tax and accounting firm based out of the Houston, Texas area, specifically in Sugar Land, Texas, but also humbly serve Mission Bend, Fresno, Cypress, Mission City, Cinco Ranch, Sienna, Greatwood, and Pecan Grove.

Connect with us today for your no-cost consultation with Texas most friendly and reliable CPA firm.